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Worship (14)
Beyond The Void
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WORSHIP - Dusk of Legion, Morning of One (Digipak CD)
WORSHIP - Dusk of Legion, Morning of One (Digipak CD)
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WORSHIP - CD "Last CD Before Doomsday"

BACK IN STOCK! 4th edition is here!
Finally on CD: The both quite successful and quite disturbing piece of Extreme Emotional Doom Supreme from the hands of Daniel a.k.a. "The Doommonger" (beyond the void). All other versions of this recording are heavily out of print. Thanks to Makoto from Weird Truth Productions (Japan) for bringing it back, fully remastered. Including one rare and remastered Bonus Track - I know most of you don't have it! - being "Keep On Selling Kokaine To Angels" from Worship's first split EP with the grindcore giants Agathocles. Many pieces of that EP are lost, so it is the most limited of all Worship releases.

3rd edition JAPAN IMPORT


Some Reviews:

This album is the ultimate soundtrack to suicide.
[...] top notch, and highly recommended to any lover of (minimalistic) extreme doom.

[...]surely some of the weirdest, sickest and most downright miserable outpourings to ever covet the mantle of true doom.
8,5 of 10
(Terrorizer, UK)
Never since the early days of ESOTERIC has there been a formation such as WORSHIP, to embody the term DOOM in it's fullest mourning splendour! [...]
Painfully slow rythms, making most of today's (and past!) Doom bands sound like hectically fast Grindcore acts.

I've never heard an essence of disillusioning and anguish, melancholy and sadness grafted into this slowest kind of slow, tortured, horrible brutal musical suffering
(Psychedelic, Germany)

There is none more depressed. [...] Essential.
(Nuclear World Noise, USA)

Pure bleak art and my pick release of this issue. Worship has turned the tide of history; prepare to surrender to them
(Grendel Zine)

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Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde lunes 15 octubre, 2007.
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WORSHIP - Dusk of Legion, Morning of One (Digipak CD)
WORSHIP - Dusk of Legion, Morning of One (Digipak CD)
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