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Beyond The Void
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WORSHIP - Dusk of Legion, Morning of One (Tape)
WORSHIP - Dusk of Legion, Morning of One (Tape)
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WORSHIP - Terranean Wake (CD)

Japan Import CD. Also available as Double LP and Tape.

After "Last CD Before Doomsday" and "Dooom", a new full length release by WORSHIP is looming on the horizon: "Terranean Wake" is an apocalyptic vision divided into 4 parts, 56 minutes total, with durations between 10.5 and 17.5 minutes and including the longest WORSHIP song so far! It's to gaze alone into the horrible truth of impending downfall, to fly into the dreamlike embrace of this world's final storm...

The impact of Funeral Doom melodies and sadness uncovered in "Dooom" combinied with the longer songs and 3 languages of "Last CD...", and slower than ever before!

Worship has now teamed up with the Japanese Label "Weird Truth", long time supporter of the band which originally brought "Last Tape Before Doomsday" to CD. Here is what Weird Truth has to say about the new album: "it's really a great album, which I expect from Worship! Solemn, dark and dismal dooooom! There are a lot of melodies, but it's never mellow. It's really dark and extremely depressive, which is the strong point of Worship, I think."

Terranean Wake I - Tide of Terminus (17:29)
Terranean Wake II - The Second Coming Apart (14:00)
Terranean Wake III - Fear Is My Temple (10:30)
Terranean Wake IV - End of an Aeviturne (13:50)

Please leave a comment when ordering if you want an autograph!


Terranean Wake is massive, expansive and a showcase of Worship performing at their very best.

"[...]a masterfully composed Funeral Doom Metal record that it really allows WORSHIP rightfully to join the same leagues with the true masters of the genre [...] If you are a devoted fan of the genre, then you surely know what to expect from these German ultra-heavy messengers of a fine and beautifully executed Funeral Doom Metal."
(Voices From The Dark Side)

"[...]on my first listen through I just had to turn the record off because I just couldn't handle any more doom and gloom. If you're a fan of the funeral doom genre, you obviously already know about Worship and this will be at the top of your priority list[...]"
(Dont Count On It Reviews)

"Deeply sinister, bone crushingly heavy and and with the twisted savage heart of a serial killer, Worship have created an album of intense atmospheres, malicious intentions and good old fashioned evil sound! “Terranean Wake” demonstrates a band with a firm grasp on their style and how to produce great sounding Funeral Doom as well as structuring their music in a way as to keep it varied and entertaining, a hard feat to achieve from a band who play at a snails pace! Fucked Up Mad Max would be proud of the legacy the band continue to weave, and the band continue Germany’s success when it comes to deeply depressive Funeral Doom!"

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Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le lundi 17 septembre, 2012.
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