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Beyond The Void
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WORSHIP - Terranean Wake (Tape)
WORSHIP - Terranean Wake (Tape)
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WORSHIP - Dusk of Legion, Morning of One (Digipak CD)

Important! Please do not order right now. Store will be slowly processed (orders shipped or refunded where necessary). After depression/burn out, the way back is slow, but I will be able to do it one step after another. Album will be completed, probably will first completely clean up this store and old orders, because that guilt of old orders and the disappointment is constantly derailing me. Sorry that it takes so long, but life made it really hard to recover. Sorry for everything!

This is a Pre-Order item. That means: All orders with at least 1 Pre-Order item will be sent in bulk as soon as the new album is ready to ship! Excpected time is November. We will inform you at this spot as soon as we know more! By taking part in this Pre-Order, you 100% directly support WORSHIP, thanks for your trust and faith!

- That's why all pre-orders of the CD will get a special unique little thank you gift (1 per order). The last one for the Terranean Wake release was received quite well. Only for orders pre-shipping day! As soon as the shipping starts, we will remove this paragraph.
(honestly, this pre-order is essential and without your general support, WORSHIP wouldn't be. Thx :)


Right after our 2012 tour with FAAL, I started writing on our next album, inspired by the adventures and on-stage highlights of that wonderful tour (which was a turning point for us). 3 years later, "Dusk of Legion, Morning of One" is about to be released!

Because of the live influence, there are more riffs and more dramatic moments. For the first time, all our musicians will also play on the album (less work for me!). The range of moods and paces is slightly raised, some new well-blended elements will meet our faithful foundation. Songs are pretty much packed full of ideas, without losing sight of what we really are, I hope you can feel 3 years of fat-trimming and polishing. 5 Songs (+Intro) take you on a solitary messiah/pariah journey to the early hours of mankind & the birth of its fatal Flaw, falling from the heights of Creation through the deepest valleys of despair.

NEW: Each order containing our new CD will receive a free code for a digital Bandcamp copy (sent with the "item has shipped" notification email). So, no matter where you are, you all can listen to the tracks on the day the pre-orders are sent out (if you want). Yes, WORSHIP is slowly & reluctantly embracing the dirty, dirty digital age.

Still, I think physical media are wonderful and need to be saved, if we want to save music, that's why we & Weird Truth decided to release the 1st edition of our CD as a wonderful Digipak! Designed by The Doommonger (that's me), using my photos and paintings, so expect it to be different, personal (weird?) and close to my vision. Image is a preview mockup, subject to possible change. Slightly raised price because of the fancy packaging.

WORSHIP - Dusk of Legion, Morning of One (WT045,Weird Truth)

60 minutes, 6 tracks
Dusk (Intro)
Weight of a Fallen World
Core of Shadows
The Promised Wastelands
Garden of Undoing
Morning of One

(We will add reviews as they come in)

There is a tape editon in this shop, and a wonderful 2LP edition coming up (not in the shop yet)! We are currently working on the last details of our contract to a great new vinyl label, that's why I didn't deem it fair to include it in the pre-order (after all, the label will have the final say about the release schedule). It will come, but a bit later, I think 1st quarter of 2016, and to compensate for the wait, it will be a very special vinyl edition, more soon!

International Shipping: 6 EUR Flatrate SECURE. In our shop, secure (registered) shipping is mandatory. Since our switch, we have had 0 lost shipments (compared to 3-5 per year before that). Flatrate means, no matter how much you order, shipping is just 6 EUR. We cover the rest as a sort of discount to you.

Exception: Shipping to Germany: <= 1kg: 2.20 EUR, > 1kg: 4 EUR

Shipping will be calculated in your prefered currency during order summary.

Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde domingo 27 septiembre, 2015.
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